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About Us

Hello, everyone! My name is Athena and I’ve been a registered nurse for over 40 years. Two years ago I decided I was ready for a change and became a travel nurse. I found myself in northern Wisconsin in the middle of a harsh winter. While visiting the local shopping centers, I quickly realized that there were almost no products that were designed for black and brown skin and hair care. My skin was starved of moisture and my hair was so dry! So I decided that if I couldn’t purchase products for my skin and hair locally, then I would try my hand at making my own.

SPICE was the first oil that I made. The compliments that I received were overwhelming. I would get compliments from coworkers and strangers alike. They were drawn in by the warm, fragrant smell of my SPICE oil. I even had a coworker who would move to stand next to me in our morning meetings just so she could take in the wonderful SPICE aroma. Yes, she actually told me that! And it wasn’t just women who wanted to know what I was wearing; I received compliments from men as well. People started asking me what I was wearing, why my skin and hair looked amazing, and most surprisingly did I sell it? I would sell the occasional bottle here and there but I wasn’t thinking about it as a potential business. But after sharing my oil with my kids, they encouraged me to do just that. And now, almost two years later, here we are!

I created Theramones (pronounced: Thera-mone-s) out of a need to find natural, protective, affordable, and high-quality skin and hair care products, for both men and women, that smelled amazing and lasted throughout the day. So, the name...perhaps you’re wondering how we came up with the name? Theramones comes from the combining of two words: therapeutic and pheromones; our products not only nourish your hair and skin, but the lovely aroma catches the attention of others -- they will want to know what you’re wearing! I invite you to join my family and I along our journey as we continue to build our passion project and family business, Theramones.


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